Welcome to my website, and indeed, thanks for the click. It came from the thought—scarcely original—to put my papers in order. I wanted to stash my published and unpublished writings, and my musical recordings in some place other than my attic. Once I’d made that decision, writing my memoirs came naturally enough. I mean, I have all this cyber-room. Why not?

Writing memoirs doesn’t mean that I think I’ve done anything earthshaking or even worthy of honorable mention. What I have done is travel the world a couple of times, at first rough and low-rent, and ultimately in Lords of Poverty-style luxury.  I have visited, worked or lived in about 80 countries, spent a decade overseas, made my living working in both the underworld and the underground, and then writing and playing music. A life like that can’t help but produce a couple of funny stories, and that’s all I have; anecdotes and the ability to write them down. My job here is to select which of my various cock-ups and “adventures” will make interesting reading.

Friends and colleagues, hearing a story or two—I can be trusted to toss them off at the sound of a bottle opening–have urged me to write them down, so here I am. The stories either happened to me or are indicative enough of the various landscapes to be instructive, funny or ridiculous.

The table of contents indicates a lot of movement and even excitement, but I’m going to limit the initial publishing to a couple of chapters. I expect to have it all ready sometime in November. And in the meantime, here we go:

Unless otherwise noted, all photos taken by me.