Table of Contents

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Have Drum, Will Travel Books, part 1 The Hounds of Fate Detroit DIGRESSIONS         Explained Riots and the Riot Digression Motown Revue DIGRESSION on Fame Digression on Cairo Richard Walls DIGRESSION:  Black Mystical Bad-Ass Ensemble ,

Memoirs, Chapter One. Have Drum Will Travel, The Hounds of Fate

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Memoirs. Chapter Two. Detroit, with Digressions to Cairo and the Ku Klux Klan. 1947-1968

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DETROIT 1947-1968     Motor City Fashion Plates   I’ve never enjoyed reading somebody else’s childhood memories, and I have a lot of sympathy for the Freudian analysts who have to root around in that territory. I would never inflict

Memoirs. Chapter Three. Books, Robert Traver, The Ghost of Horseus

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Books Robert Traver I was a bit of a latecomer to books. As a kid and through most of my teens I was much more interested in music, my buddies, and, as I got older, girls. Almost all of my

Memoirs. Chapter Four. Toronto. Pimp my Life, or, the Unintended Consequences of Literature

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TORONTO 1968 I had been to Toronto before and I had found it colorful, and actually, quite to my liking. Houses were painted whimsical colors, a practice that would have gotten them vandalized in Detroit. I enjoyed Yorkville Village, Canada’s

Memoirs, Final Chapter. Washington, D.C., The Caribbean, Asia & Africa, This Time in Style

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D.C. 1990 — PRESENT   With vocalist, educator and former Washington Redskin Dick Smith. Playing timbales in Malcolm X Park I selected Washington D.C. because my recently widowed mother had moved there, and I wanted to go through the motions

MEMOIRS. Chapter 11. Afghanistan: You’re Smuggling What? Khyber Pass Follies, Drumming to Die For…

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AFGHANISTAN The place I wanted to reach, Afghanistan, was pretty much as I had pictured it. Mountainous and cooler, it featured a lot of open spaces, stone huts, camels and the best hashish in the world. It also had some

Memoirs. Chapter Five. Los Angeles, WWII, Larry Moe and Kevin

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LOS ANGELES  JUNE 1969—JUNE 1969 A Way of Life, Gone with the Wind Instruments The unpleasant visuals of Detroit finally sent me flying to California. I had been hearing and reading such wonderful things about San Francisco that I had

Memoirs. Chapter Six. San Francisco, 1969 – 1979 also, Mexico, Hobo Jungle, Dori Seda, Jail Dudes, Assasinations

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SAN FRANCISCO 1969-1979   As the bus was crossing the Bay Bridge, I saw visions of what SF was going to look like. Nancy Walls had gone there a year before, called me up, and gushed that it was the

Memoirs. Chapter Eight. Burma

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BURMA  1979 Hong Kong was a bore, utterly, and Singapore not that much better. Very commercial, very strict and not very musical. I met some very nice people, and had a fairly good time, but it wasn’t the exotic Orient.